Electronic Giving

Our Lady of the Lake Parish is pleased to introduce "Enhancing Stewardship through Electronic Funds Transfer." We have partnered with Parish Giving to offer this program to all of our parishioners.

  • It's Simple
    • To get started, go to Parish Giving and follow the easy registration steps.
  • It's Convenient
    • No more searching for the checkbook or Sunday morning stops at the ATM machine.
  • It's Secure
    • Parish Giving is Payment Card Industry compliant and uses the strongest TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology available.
  • Tax benefits
    • You will be able to print out a report detailing your contributions for the year.

To get started, go to Parish Giving and follow the easy registration steps.

Are You invested?

I want to thank you for your participation, generosity and support that makes OLL the great parish it is.

I am not here to ask you to give more. I am asking you to give more thoughtfully - that is - regardless of how much you give, the most important thing is to commit to giving with greater consistency and quality.

Today we have approximately 2,800 registered families that have selected OLL as their parish. Of those just 700 - or 25% - of families have signed up for envelopes or electronic giving. I would like to repeat only 25%.

These families, "OLL Investors", contribute about $30.00 per week and provide the bulk of the support of the parish and are critical to its financial stability and ability to serve all our fellow parishioners. We know not everyone can give $30.00 a week. Please give whatever you can, we just ask that you do it consistently.

Consider some of the programs and services the parish offers. A wonderful baptism and bereavement ministry. A faith formation program with 900 attendees, music ministry, men's and women's spirituality, men's and women's cornerstone, youth group, RCIA and children's family mass. Not to mention the tremendous upkeep of 6 buildings along with the grounds and parking lots. There are energy costs, snow removal, landscaping and the daily maintenance required. That is a lot for the 25% to support!

If you are a part of the remaining 75% who haven't committed to giving, we would like you to consider becoming an "OLL Investor" - that is - please commit to some form of regular giving; weekly envelopes, monthly giving or e-giving. Regardless of the amount. If just a small percentage of people committed to giving more regularly, it would have a tremendous impact stabilizing the finances of OLL, enabling us to plan more predictably and support all the wonderful ministries that enrich our lives and build up the parish.

I would like to conclude by re-emphasizing that it is not how much you give, but that you consider giving more consistently and more thoughtfully.

In the pews there are "Investor" sign up cards. Think of all the things you are invested in. Please think of yourselves now as investors in our great parish, OLL. I would like to ask all families to take a moment to fill out this brief card even if you are a current envelope or electronic giver. If you would like to take the card home with you and give it some more consideration that is fine. Just return it at your next mass and put it in the collection basket. Also if you would like more information on e-giving, pamphlets will be at the church doors.

Thank you and know it is worth being invested in OLL.