Kinderfest/Oktoberfest Volunteers

There are so many things that are competing for people’s time and attention these days. Sometimes
we miss opportunities that can bring us happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to say, “I have a stake in this parish community, and
I’m committed to doing what I can to help make it a better place.” Volunteers are essential to any fund-
raiser. They are the backbone of an organization. Volunteers contribute real value and are priceless!

So why should you volunteer to help with Kinderfest and/or Oktoberfest:

  • You will make a definite difference.
  • You will get to meet others in your parish community
  • You may make new friends!
  • You are giving back to your parish community.
  • You will gain a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction
  • Can help you de-stress, since it feels good to contribute something back, these good feelings could actually help  lessen the effects of stress.
  • You will have FUN doing it!

On the weekends of June 18-19 and June 25-26, members of the Oktoberfest committee will be at the
doors of the church with Volunteer Sign up sheets
 so that you don’t miss out on this rewarding, fun-filled opportunity  to help Our Lady of the Lake at Kinderfest and Oktoberfest.

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