Baptism Ministry

The Baptismal Ministry at Our Lady of the Lake is aimed at:

  • Reviewing the meaning of the sacrament of Baptism,
  • Understanding the responsibilities of parenting in a Catholic family,
  • Preparing parents for the Baptismal ceremony, and
  • Introducing and welcoming parents to the parish community.

Baptismal host couples have an active involvement in defining the Baptismal preparation process, as well as, participation in the actual Baptismal program at Our Lady of the Lake.

Couples are asked to participate for a two year term, which is renewable. Each host couple participates in one to three Baptisms per year. This entails hosting a “catechesis” meeting with the parents whose babies are to receive the sacrament, held on a weekday evening during the week prior to the Baptism. This catechesis meeting lasts about 90 minutes, and is usually held at the host couple’s home or at the rectory. Host couples also participate in the Baptism ceremony itself, organizing and directing the couples, and by assisting the priest during the ceremony. The Baptism ceremony is held on Sunday, at 1:30 p.m. and is usually concluded by 2:45p.m.

In addition to participating as host couples for one or two Baptisms per year, the Baptismal ministry host couples meet as a group two or three times a year, to assess, develop and revise the program, plan for recruitment and training of new host couples, and to touch base with one another as a group.

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